Names And A Distance

by Parkes

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released March 13, 2015

Produced by Hugh Atkinson
Artwork by Kimberry Design



all rights reserved


Parkes Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: November
and who would've thought that in November
I'd fall in-love again?
Oh no not me, with my little hopes, little dreams
and what I'm not prepared to be
But you got in like a flash of light
a little under six foot, not quite my height
But you've got heart where it counts
In everything and still me, and my little doubts
and that's where it should stay
Hoped it would stay
and I just hope that you'll stay
Track Name: A Lover
I'm loose like cut out veins
I'm bleeding over thoughts of you and me
and I'm caught up in dirty sheets
Just thinking thoughts of you and me
But don't let me go,
Or am I better off alone?
and don't let me go,
'cause I'm no good on my own

But you'll beg your bed to let him stay the night
While I convince my mind that we're fine
But I can't find a map or a reaction to that
'Cause it feels like I'm hollow inside

And I hate the way you say his name
'Cause I should mean more to you than it seems to mean.
Track Name: Names And A Distance
I hope that I'm not waiting for a ghost
Reluctantly your shadow is keeping me afloat
Am I not your lover? Or just a stolen boat
With no plans of docking, I'm left out here alone
So I'll roam,

The blacker my heart, the harder my start
and I've got my skin until I tear it from within
and don't let me go
I just want to forget what it's like to sleep alone

So I'll roam,

I hope forever means something to you
and that I'm not a name and a distance
Until it's put to use

But her eyes they made my heart hurt
and her laugh it sang a song
That trailed off down my spine and struck every single nerve
Now I'm stuck here in a quiver,
a streaking cry of pain
and did my actions take their toll?
Or was there life to see her pain?
'Cos you're so much more than I am,
How could I have been so small?
To let anger into my bones?
and cause you so much dismay.

'Cos you're so much more than I am.